All of Tuscany in one plate

In a time when everything is synonymous of contamination, there's still a place where the keyword is tradition. It's Trattoria Giovanni, a meat restaurant in Florence that firmly believes in the history of the finest tuscanian cuisine. For this reason the menu offered to the customers is a rich list of traditional recipes, prepared and served not only with conscientiousness but also with novelty. Multi-sided dishes, but always true to the taste and perfume of a culinary tradition renowned outside regional borders, and esteemed in many parts of the world.

Meat Restaurant Trattoria Giovanni: the qualities of a good cuisine.

Trattoria Giovanni believes that the customer always deserves the best. It's no coincidence that its staff always put its best effort to welcome the customer with kindness and courtesy, while the chefs show every time their great skills in the kitchen. Observance of traditions is one of the pillars of this meat restaurant in Florence, but the directorate knows that it is not enough on its own. Quality of the raw materials is just as important, and that's why ingredients are selected according to the season and their freshness. The renowned hospitality of Tuscany lies also in this elements.

Meat Restaurant Trattoria Giovanni: the triumph of regional specialties.

The ribollita, the tasty soups, the simple but delicious pappa al pomodoro, the Colonnata lard, the famous florentine steak: these are just some of the exquisite local specialties offered to the customers by the chefs of this meat restaurant in Florence. All the dishes add up to the best collection of local recipes, prepared with care and extreme regard for the long history of some courses. Last but not least, the restaurant offers the renowned cantuccini cookies matched with the very well known tuscanian wines, born from a tradition acknowledged and respected everywhere.

Meat Restaurant Trattoria Giovanni: the chef's choice.

Years and years of work and professionalism: these are the qualities of the chefs of this restaurant, who chose to draft the finest menu accordingly to their profound culinary knowledge to please the most demanding customers, those who love good cuisine but do not disdain advice when it's time to order their meal. For starters, the chefs suggest the marinata with hot crostone, the season vegetables pie, and the typical tuscanian appetizer. As first courses, they suggest the ribollita, the tortelli with black kale and sheep cheese, and maltagliati with hog jowl. As second courses, they suggest the traditional florentine tripe, the Colonnata lard and the delicious filet with green pepper.

Meat Restaurant Trattoria Giovanni: the soul of a whole region.

The restaurant is located right in the city center, next to Santo Spirito Church and the Lungarno. For the staff this is much more than just a geographical reference. The personnel has turned a mere position on a map into a true gastronomical and cultural mission. That's why the restaurant intends to be an authentic landmark for tuscanian cuisine lovers, offering the best dishes of a culinary history that deserves its regard.

Meat Restaurant Trattoria Giovanni: a beautiful and refined restaurant.

Tradition and good food make a restaurant renowned eveng among the most sophisticated customers. But the directorate of this meat restaurant in Florence knows how important is the setting where the customers consume their meals. The location has a pivotal role, and that's why the staff set up very welcoming and beautiful rooms. It's no coincidence that the walls are adorned with paintings of great beauty and the furniture is traditional but precious thanks to the beautiful dark wood used to build the chairs and the tables. On the website is possible to have a first look of the restaurant, and also find all the informations about the menu, the time schedule and the reservation process.